George wrote the award-winning musical, Golden Lotus, which was developed in Canada and the United States. It premiered to critical acclaim in Hong Kong where it received three Hong Kong English Drama Award nominations for "Best Show", "Best Actress", and won for "Best Original Work".






Golden Lotus is a musical adaptation of the most infamous Chinese novel of all time, Jin Ping Mei. The story follows the forsaken beauty, Golden Lotus, whose desire for true love leads her into a blood-soaked web of passion, deception and desperation with the valiant tiger slayer Wu Sung, the rich and powerful Xi Men, and the humble peddler Wu Da. Set amidst the dying, war-torn years of Song Dynasty China, Golden Lotus undergoes a spell-binding journey as the world around them burns into ashes.


Lebovic Centre For Arts & Entertainment (Screening), Stouffville (2015)

Y-Theatre, Hong Kong (2014)

ASCAP Foundation/Disney Theatrical Productions Musical Theatre Workshop, New York, 2003

Awards and Nominations

2015 Hong Kong English Drama Awards (Hecklers Awards)
Winner "Best Original Work” 
Nominated “Best Show” 
Nominated “Best Actress”

Soundtrack Album

The soundtrack album features 15 songs from the musical. Hard copy available at CDBaby. Digital album available on iTunes. Preview song clips here.


"The tone of the music is very original and refreshing. The combination of asian instrumentation with more western tonalities and harmonies is a refreshing and original combination that is clearly working. The music is terrific.”

– Stephen Schwartz, Lyricist/Composer
(Wicked, Pocahontas, Godspell)


“A great story that the chinese people know well and that none of us ever heard. A wonderful combination of timelessness and yet a great deal of mystery, intrigue and the excitement of it being set in a time we didn’t live in. The music is all really good… tuneful… nice on the ear. There is purpose to the energy of the music. The score has blood.”

– Craig Carnelia, Lyricist
(Working, Sweet Smell of Success, Imaginary Friends)


“An extraordinary, epic and ambitious work. Terrific, invigorating fusion. Western musical scale, western notes with an underscoring of chinese. A terrific piece – very, very interesting. You hooked me. I was interested. I cared about these characters. I wanted to know what was going to happen to these characters. To take a story that we are not familiar with and convey it to a western audience is a very, very exciting idea and has resonance with a community that does know it and with a community that doesn’t. I thought it was really terrific.”

– Bert Fink, Senior Vice-President: Rodgers & Hammerstein Foundation